IP Cores - logiLENS

Camera Lens Distortion Corrector (OBSOLETE!)

Key Features

  • Real time correction of distorted video
  • Input resolutions up to 1024x1024 pixels
  • Output resolutions up to 2048x1024 pixels
  • Works with lenses with up to 180o FOV
  • Output image cropping and positioning
  • An optional CoreConnectTM PLB register interface
  • Configurable video memory interface: Xylon XMB and Xilinx® MPMC
  • Calibration software with an embedded preview feature
  • Fully embedded into Xilinx XPS and the EDK

This IP core is obsolete and not longer supported by Xylon! The logiVIEW Perspective Transformation and Lens Correction Image Processor IP core includes the higher quality Lens Correction functionality!


The logiLENS is Xylon logicBRICKSTM IP core optimized for Xilinx FPGAs and designed to process video camera data. The video cameras can be equipped with lenses that may advertently or inadvertently distort the captured video. The logiLENS removes and corrects such distortions. An automotive rear-view camera DAS (Driver Assistance System) is an illustrative example of the advertently distorted video use. The wide scene behind the vehicle is being captured by a wide-angle fish-eye camera. The distorted picture from the camera can be corrected by the logiLENS and rectilinearly projected on the flat LCD display. The logiLENS comes with the calibration software providing an embedded preview feature. The preview enables check up of the logiLENS output picture depending on parameters changes (i.e. lens parameters, output resolution). The core is fully embedded into Xilinx Platform Studio and EDK tools, and its integration with on-chip PLB and OPB buses is very simple. Parametrizable VHDL design allows tuning of slice consumption and features set through an easy-to-use GUI interface.
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