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Multi-Channel Video Recording ADAS Kit

Key Features

  • Records up to six uncompressed video channels with metadata
  • Video resolution 1280x800@30fps, YCbCr 4:2:2
  • Supports Xylon video cameras
  • Recordings frame-to-frame aligned with the skew < 4 lines
  • Records metadata from the GPS module and vehicle's diagnostic bus
  • Supports standard and event-triggered recordings
  • Four portable SSD disks (FAT32) with combined 2TB storage capacity
  • The video (.AVI) and metadata (.SUB) can be played by any media player
  • Built for installations in test vehicles


The logiRECORDER Multi-Channel Video Recording Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) Kit builds on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC based Xylon logiADAK Automotive Driver Assistance kit by including all necessary hardware and software for synchronous video recording and playback of up to six (6) uncompressed video streams from Xylon video cameras. The recorded video sessions also include important video metadata collected from the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic OBD-II bus and an external GPS module: timestamps, vehicle GPS position, speed and others. The kit can be integrated in test vehicles for video recordings of real-world driving conditions and situations for use in lab environments..

Xylon now offers more powerful logiRECORDER versions! For example, please check the logiRECORDER-20 Automotive Video Data Logger with support for 12x camera inputs and in-vehicle networks recording. This advanced data logger enables realistic HIL tests by playing back the video recordings!

For inquires regarding logiRECORDER customization through design services, please contact info@logicbricks.com.

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