Automotive Video Data Loggers

Improve and accelerate test, validation and design of cutting-edge video and vision based ADAS/AD with an all-in-one automotive data logger for raw multi-channel video and network data recording, data analysis, and playback of the logged data in realistic Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulations. Xylon's logiRECORDER data logger connects to various types of vehicle's network data busses, and inserts between any type of the vehicle's camera installation and the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) to non-invasively record and playback Terabytes (TB) of multi-channel uncompressed video and network data with the low latency.

  • Non-invasive ADAS/AD camera and ECU verification/validation in real-world driving conditions
  • Testing and validation documentation - proofing of the product's quality
  • Collecting databases of driving situations encountered in different road conditions and at different geo locations - for R&D and testing in lab environments
  • Realistic HIL simulations of the real vehicle multi-camera and network systems
Recorded networks' traffic, together with the video data, expands the above use case scenarios and enables in-depth insights into operation of ADAS/AD systems under test.

Xylon offers customization of all presented hardware and software products through design services.
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