Automotive Video Data Loggers

Testing and validation of camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance and Autonomous Driving (ADAS/AD) systems traditionally require lots of real tests in different driving situations encountered under different road conditions. These time-consuming, costly, and due to the limited number of executed test scenarios unreliable road tests, can be largely substituted with the Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulations.

Xylon's logiRECORDER Automotive Video Data Loggers are user-friendly, all-in-one automotive video and network data loggers that set new standards for design and validation of camera-based ADAS/AD. They operate by tapping between the real vehicle’s camera installation and the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) to enable noninvasive and low-latency recording of camera video, and network sensory and ECU data.

The logiRECORDER loggers can realistically simulate the vehicle’s camera installation on a developer’s desk by playing back the recorded videos with preserved frame rates, video resolutions and phase relations between video channels. In addition to the recorded video, the data from CAN, LIN, FlexRay, GPS, and UART vehicle networks enable new and deep insights into operation of the tested ADAS/AD systems.

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