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The screenshot from the logiRECORDER-BASE installed in a test vehicle

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logiRECORDER kit includes:


- logiRECORDER Main Box

    - 1x Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 AP SoC ZC706 Development Kit1 with XC7Z045 FFG900-22
    - 1x Xylon LVDS receiver FMC add-on board for up to six Xylon camera connections
    - 1x Xylon SATA/CAN/AUX FMC add-on daughter card
    - 4x Samsung 840 Pro SSD (2TB combined) disks
    - 1x Xylon Power Supply Monitor
    - 1x DC/DC regulator
    - 1x SD card with the system software
    - Aux. connectors, adapters and cables

- 5x Enclosed Camera Systems2

   - 4x equipped with the Sunex DSL219 Wide FOV lens
   - 1x equipped with the Sunex DSL947 Narrow FOV lens

- 1x GPS 16xHVS Garmin module
- 5x Rosenberger long cables (7m) for vehicle installations
- 1x PT06A-8-4P(SR) main power connector for power cable making
- 1x RJ45 to OBD-II vehicle diagnostic cable
- 1x Ethernet cable
- 1x USB serial cable
- 1x HDMI to HDMI video cable
- 1x System power supply for lab use
- User's manual

1 OEM kit version, does not include cables, SD card and software (seat Vivado Design Suite).
2 Each camera consists of the Xylon LVDS serializer board for camera sensors, OmniVision OV10635 1MPix camera sensor, Sunex DSL219 or DLS947 miniature lenses and weather-proof (IP65) aluminum camera housing designed by Xylon)

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