logiCRAFT-CC Kits

> 1. February 2011, Zagreb (Croatia) – logiCRAFT-CC FPGA Companion Chip Kits Available

Xylon announces availability of three FPGA companion chip development kits:

logiCRAFT-CC-Elite kit with the logiCRAFT-CC + industrial PC (Intel® Atom™ processor)
logiCRAFT-CC-Premier kit with the logiCRAFT-CC + BeagleBoard-xM development platform (TI's OMAP™)
logiCRAFT-CC-Base kit

FPGA Companion Chip

FPGA companion chips expand the capabilities of embedded host processors by adding missing host features and by offloading high-speed processing tasks.  FPGA provide the ideal platform to add custom features tailored to specific project needs and much of the design can be re-used to support multiple processors. Efficient FPGA companion chips seamlessly integrate with the host processor at the hardware and the software levels in a cost effective manner.

FPGA Companion Chips enable designers to differentiate their embedded system products!

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