LV IP Technical Support

Technical Support in the Xylon Low-Volume IP Program

Every logicBRICKS IP core's license, purchased through Xylon's Low-Volume IP Program, includes a number of technical support hours. The technical support is provided by e-mail.

The number of license included support hours depends on the purchased IP core and the license's duration. The following table gives an example relation of license's duration and a number of included tech support hours.

Click to check included tech support hours for logicBRICKS IP cores provided in the program.

License Duration
License included Tech Support hours (Example)
1 year
10 hours
 2 years
20 hours
 3 years
30 hours

Multiple logicBRICKS IP licenses (different IP cores) allow IP buyers to use all included technical support hours for any IP core at their preferences. It means that i.e., valid  1-year  licenses for the logiCVC-ML Compact Multilayered Video Controller and the logiWIN Versatile Video Input IP cores, allow the buyer to spend all 20 hours of support on a single IP core, or to split the available technical support hours on both IP cores at any proportion.

Additional packages of technical support hours provide continuous support through all phases of FPGA products development.

For more details about the Xylon Low-Volume IP Program, please check the application note:
"Xylon Low-Volume IP Program"

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