logicBRICKS IP Cores Library

Xylon is an electronics company that designs optimized IP cores for AMD All Programmable SoCs/FPGAs and provides design services in order to lower production costs and improve the efficiency of our customers. Our key focus is on the development of efficient graphic and video processing solutions based on an optimized logicBRICKS IP core library.
This enables our customers to shorten development time and it keeps them ahead of the competition.

The logicBRICKS is optimized for AMD All Programmable devices and all our IP cores are supplied with full documentation, test-benches and reference designs. Xylon has designed and delivered more than 200 various Video and Communication AMD SoC/FPGA designs.

Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores are designed to integrate seamlessly with AMD development tools and IP cores. Our IP cores are fully supported by the AMD Vivado™ (IP Integrator) and ISE® (Platform Studio) Design Suites. Designers that are familiar with AMD design tools can immediately start designing with the logicBRICKS. An easy to use AMD tools' GUI interface enables a user-friendly (IP drag and drop) design of complex embedded systems with no need for HDL coding. Additionally, the GUI allows IP tuning of slice consumptions and feature sets definitions.

The company operates Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2001. 

The logicBRICKS Features

IP User Requirements
Xylon logicBRICKS Response to Requirements
Excellent IP performances
- logicBRICKS IPs are exclusively optimized for AMD devices
- IPs rationally consume targeted chip resources
- Supports all the latest AMD SoC/FPGA families
Software support
- logicBRICKS comes with bare-metal and SW drivers for popular OS
Easy to use
- Full compatibility with AMD Vivado™ and ISE Design Suits
- Can be used in a same way as AMD IP cores
- Require no learning time to users familiar with AMD tools
Simple customization without IP provider's assistance
- AMD tools GUI enables an easy IP parametrization
- logicBRICKS IP's features can be switched on and off
First-class Tech support
- Xylon provides a direct link to IP designers who can assist in a timely and satisfying way
IP customization on request
- Customers can engage Xylon design services
Possibility to Try-before-Buy
- Evaluation logicBRICKS are available
- Functionally equal to the fully licensed logicBRICKS IP cores
Simple and flexible licensing
- Xylon endorses AMD SignOnce licensing
- Xylon accepts other type of license contracts
- Xylon Low-Volume IP Program presents an industry new licensing model
Referent hardware platforms
- Xylon supports the most popular development kits and provides free reference designs
- Xylon offers several HW evaluation platforms
Reliable supplier
- Xylon operates since 1995 and has excellent industry references
Acceptable price
- Xylon Low-Volume IP Program presents the most affordable third-party IP cores' pricing on the market

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