Bicro Supports Xylon

> 9. May 2008, Zagreb (Croatia) – Government Agency BICRO supports Xylon project with $1 Million

Xylon d.o.o., Croatian based company focused on creating and licensing intellectual property (IP) cores optimized for use in FPGA, has received a $1 Million from the Business Innovation Center of Croatia - BICRO Ltd.
Funding agreement was signed between Mr. Dalibor Marijanovic, BICRO General Manager and Mr. Davor Kovacec, Xylon CEO. BICRO provides 70% of overall project expenses while Xylon provides remaining 30% from private funds.
Funding will enable Xylon to develop logi3D graphic accelerator optimized for FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). The logi3D will assure shorter development cycles and greater flexibility within lower cost. The use of logi3D is applicable in automotive, medical, industrial, military and entertainment electronics.

About BICRO Ltd

The Business Innovation Center of Croatia – BICRO Ltd was founded by the Croatian government in 1998. in order to implement technology development and innovation support programs. It is a central institution in the national innovation system for supporting innovation and technology advancement.
In 2006. The Croatian government adopted the guidelines for Support to the National Technology and Innovation System. In accordance with these Guidelines a comprehensive support program for entrepreneurship based on innovation and new technologies was created. The program entitled "The support for entrepreneurship based on innovation and new technologies program" consists of five complementary sub-programs: RAZUM, TEHCRO, VENCRO, IRCRO and KONCRO. has been entrusted to the Business Innovation Center of Croatia – BICRO Ltd, a government organization under the umbrella of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

About Xylon d.o.o.

Xylon is a leading provider of FPGA-based development systems for the industrial, medical and automotive markets. It provides optimized IP cores, from its logicBRICKS™ library, interfaces and services that improve designers' effectiveness and lower overall production costs. Xylon headquarters and R&D team are located in Zagreb, Croatia, Europe, with offices in Germany and distributors in Japan for marketing, sales and support.

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