Xylon at the FPGA-Kongress 2018

> 12. - 14. June 2018 – NH Hotel München-Dornach, München (Germany)

In organization of the magazine ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS and the company PLC2 GmbH (Xilinx Authorized Training Provider), the FPGA-Kongress 2018 took a place in Munich (Germany) from June 12-14, 2018. This year's forum will hosted 50 international top speakers who illustrated the current developments in FPGA technologies in more than 110 presentations and hands-on tutorials.

Besides the participation in the exhibition portion of the event, Xylon also held two well-visited presentations:

NIR Camera Sensors in the Face Analytics and Related Video Applications

Presentation of technologies for video analytics of human faces. Demonstration of Xilinx MPSoC based Xylon's implementations of face analytics, driver monitoring and distraction detection. Explanation of accuracy and lightening problems that can be solved by use of the Near-Infrared NIR Camera technology. Real life example – NIR camera based detection of human's eyes and gaze direction as a basis for contactless User Interfaces (UI), or distraction status detection.

Using DNN for Vision/Image Based ADAS and Guided Robotics in FPGA

Get an overview on related parts of the Xilinx reVision stack. Explain the necessary steps in selection, training, and optimization of DNN implementations currently provided by Xilinx. Describe what steps Xylon has undertaken to adapt the selected DNN for use in the Advanced Driver Assistance and Guided Robotics collision avoidance. Discussion on other DNN implementations available for Xilinx All Programmable devices, and live demonstrations.


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