World Premiere of 3rd Gen logiRECORDER

In and Around the Motor City – the World Premiere of the third-generation Xylon’s Automotive Video Data Logger

Xylon premiered the latest version of the logiRECORDER 3.0 Automotive Video Data Logger at the Automotive Testing Expo North America (Oct 24-26, 2017) show in Novi, Michigan. Situated in the Detroit region, which is the birthplace and the heart of the U.S. auto industry, this show presented an ideal stage for showcasing Xylon's new data logger for video and vision based Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) and the Autonomous Driving (AD).

The 2017 edition of the Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, drew the audience of over 5,000 attendees coming through the doors. We were excited to see how the new logiRECORDER’s features set, and numerous advantages that it brings to test, validation and development of multi-camera ADAS/AD, immediately caught show visitors’ attention. Over the full three days of the show, we were presenting to ADAS/AD experts all the new logiRECORDER’s features and the response was fantastic!


The third-generation logiRECORDER automotive video data logger features modular and flexible architecture based on the Xilinx® All Programmable FPGA and SoC devices, which enables end users to configure various camera and vehicle network interfaces by themselves. The logger is not anymore fixed to the popular TI® FPD-Link III video interface, but can support any automotive video interface; either by the video camera interface modules designed and manufacture by Xylon, or by DIY modules realized by our customers. The number of attached uncompressed video channels, as well as their type and resolution, are user-configurable.

Besides already standard support for GPS, CAN, LIN, FlexRay and UART vehicle networks, the logiRECORDER 3.0 now supports automotive Ethernet and BroadR-Reach® networks, as well as the wireless communication links. The highly valued logiRECORDER’s video playback capabilities are now upgraded by the simultaneous networks data playback, which makes Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) lab simulations even more accurate and realistic.

The intuitive logiRECORDER dashboard PC application enables hardware configuration, setup of advanced triggers and filters for continuous and event-triggered recordings, parallel playback of the selected video and network data, and recorded data manipulation and analysis. The dashboard is now upgraded by advanced video marking capabilities that enable quick and easy annotation of the recorded session. For example, the user can setup log markers to the specific road and traffic situation, or use the graphics overlays to visually mark, e.g. traffic signs in video recordings of the vehicle’s camera. The dashboard now shows the streaming video from the logiRECORDER and can fully replace the optional control HDMI monitor.

The last but not least, the new logiRECORDER 3.0 comes in newly developed, extra rugged and supper cool looking housing.

Additional information about the logiRECORDER Automotive Video Data loggers can be found on Xylon’s website:

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