Xylon Presents New Modular Video Logger

Xylon Showcases the New Modular Video Data Logger at Automotive Testing Expo North America 2017

Improve and accelerate test and validation of your cutting-edge video and vision based ADAS/AD with an all-in-one data logger that enables recording of raw vehicle video and network data, analysis and data playback in realistic HIL simulations

19. October 2017, Zagreb (Croatia) – Xylon today announced it will showcase the new modular logiRECORDER 3.0 Automotive Video Data Logger at the Automotive Testing Expo North America 2017. This high-performance data logger inserts between the real vehicle's camera installation and the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) to non-invasively record Terabytes (TB) of uncompressed multi-camera video, networks sensory and ECU data per a single recording session.

Such recording capabilities enable companies that design and manufacture video and vision based Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) systems to automate the ADAS/AD product validation testing process, document and proof the product’s quality, quickly analyze the data acquired from test vehicles, and to build-up reference databases of different driving situations encountered under different road conditions and at different geo locations. For ADAS/AD development purposes, the selected video and network data recordings can be played-back in realistic Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) lab simulations that substitute time consuming and costly test drives, and improve the test quality and validation coverage.

The new logiRECORDER 3.0 video data logger brings a number of significant new features including the configurable and flexible choice of vehicle interfaces, support for any automotive video interface, logging of the automotive Ethernet, wireless communication links for easier test vehicle setup, synchronized video and network data playback, and an intuitive GUI dashboard application. Thanks to the intensive use of the Xilinx® All Programmable FPGAs and SoCs, the architecture of the logger is very flexible and allows Xylon to quickly customize any part of it on request. Moreover, Xylon will also enable logiRECORDER end users themselves to design and build custom-made modules for the missing interfaces, thus enabling them to get the most out of the logger and to fully align it with their current and future measurement needs.

"We have listened closely to our customers and designed the logging device that quickly adapts to suit any camera-based ADAS/AD test and validation needs." said Xylon's founder and CEO Davor Kovacec. "Its built-in flexibility offers a future-proof investment because it can grow with the market trends and easily support video and network standards and interfaces that are yet to be introduced on the ADAS/AD market."

To learn about this solution, visit Xylon at booth 14040, October 24-26, 2017 at the Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan, USA. Additional information about the logiRECORDER automotive video data loggers can be found on Xylon’s website: https://www.logicbricks.com/Solutions/Xylon-logiRECORDER-Multi-Channel-Recording-Vision-ADAS-Kit.aspx

Xylon logiRECORDER 3.0 Automotive Video Data Logger is available for preorder and will ship in 1Q2018

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