Xylon at CAR-ELE 2016 Show

> 13. - 15. January 2016 – Tokyo Big Sight (Japan)

At the 8th International Automotive Electronics Expo (CAR-ELE Japan) Xilinx and Xylon demonstrated the new and upgraded version of the Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC 5-camera logiADAK ADAS development platform. Instead of the logiPDET IP core formerly used for pedestrians detection collision avoidance application, the upcoming logiADAK kit now integrates the general purpose HOG/SVM IP core (logiHOG) that can be trained for parallel detection of multiple objects. Parallel real-time vehicle, motorbike/bicycle and pedestrian classification and tracking, as well as an implemented auto-breaking feature, were presented at the show among other Xylon ADAS demonstrators running on the Xylon RC car model (photographs bellow).

The new logiADAK kit version now also includes the complete Zynq 7000-AP SoC implementation of the driver drowsiness detector. The demo is based on the logiDROWSINE Driver Drowsiness Detector IP core that detects driver drowsiness and distraction based on facial movements monitored through a camera placed in a vehicle cabin. Driver fatigue monitoring while wearing sunglasses and during the night driving is enabled with the measurement optical camera system developed by Xylon.

The raw video footage of the driver drowsiness detector installed in Xylon test vehicle is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haOwOWVifPI&feature=youtu.be

ADAS functions currently integrated in the logiADAK:

- logiOWL on-target real time calibration system
- logiADAK-Builder PC application for system views customizations
- 3D Surround Views (including Bird’s View)
- Pedestrian Detection with the Range Estimation
- Vehicle and Cyclist Detection
- Rear-View Camera (different modes)
- Lane Departure Warning
- Blind Spots Detection
- Driver Drowsiness Detection

The logiADAK Automotive Driver Assistance Kit is developed by Xylon in cooperation with Xilinx and partners: eVS embedded Vision Systems, Visage Technologies AB and Digital Design Corporation (DDC).

Xylon also showcased the logiRECORDER Multi-Channel Video Recording ADAS platform for synchronous video recording and playback of up to six uncompressed video streams from Xylon video cameras. The recorded video sessions include important video metadata collected from the vehicle’s On-Bard Diagnostic OBD-II bus and an external GPS module: timestamps, vehicle GPS position, speed and others. The kit can be integrated in a test vehicle for video recordings of real-world driving conditions and situations for use in lab environments.

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