OKI launches Flying View Monitoring System

We are proud that one of Xylon's solutions has been selected for implementation in the new Flying View® remote monitoring system from OKI Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

OKI's Flying View system enables real-time remote 360° monitoring around moving objects such as cars, trucks, trains, ships, autonomous robots and other vehicles. The system generates a composite image from the images of four cameras, which allows remote operators to quickly get a grasp of the situation around remote vehicles. In addition to this human-adapted view, the monitoring system integrates OKI's AI edge computer AE2100 capable of extracting and notifying on scenes that cannot be captured by the human eye. The AI subsystem additionally backs up operators and provides a more sophisticated and efficient monitoring system that quickly detects and indicates potentially problematic scenarios and accidents.

The composite 360° video view is generated by an FPGA. In the design process of this video sub-system, OKI engineers have used Xylon's View More™ Natural View Surround View logicBRICKS IP Suite.

As a visionary company, OKI has been using the Flying View monitoring system in demonstration experiments with co-creation partners in wide range of industries since 2018. 

You can see a video of OKI's Flying View at work on the following link:  https://www.linkedin.com/posts/xylon_xylon-oki-fpga-activity-6886673751837036544-MBFI .

If you are interested in seeing how the system works when mounted on a ship or autonomous AI robot, you can check out OKI's official YouTube channel.

Please note that OKI’s Flying View is intended for Japanese market only!

Xylon congratulates OKI on its successful product launch!

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