Xylon at ew2022

If you’ve ever wondered how a single piece of silicon chip can change its features set without stopping for a single clock beat, come to AMD-Xilinx’s booth (3A-239) to see Xylon’s latest demonstration.

Xylon has mastered AMD-Xilinx's Dynamic Function eXchange (DFX) technology in-house. DFX technology enables features swapping by reconfiguring parts of a continually operating programmable FPGA/SoC chip. It brings chip reconfigurability to a whole new level – less programmable resources needed, more flexibility added, lower power, and finally, less cost per chip.
To demonstrate that OEMs and Tier suppliers can enjoy all the benefits at the same time, Xylon has combined two automotive applications that use the available silicon depending on the driving mode.

During parking maneuvers, the demo SoC design that runs on AMD-Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC implements hardware accelerators required by 3D surround view parking assistance ADAS. When parking is not needed, the same chip is loaded by neural networks for computer vision driver monitoring.

The new automotive demo runs as an upgrade of Xylon’s complete design framework that helps designers master the DFX technology. In addition to DFX, the framework demonstrates a complete Isolation Design Flow (IDF) for development of fail-safe chip solutions that confine the fault to a single chip region – a feature of extreme importance for security- or safety-critical designs.

To learn more about the DFX framework, please visit: https://www.logicbricks.com/logiREF-DFX-IDF.aspx

The automotive demo from embedded world 2022 is not part of framework deliverables!

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