Xilinx Webinar - Industrial Controller's HMI

FREE IEEE Webinar: Click and Drag Your Embedded Industrial Controller's Human Machine Interface Into the 21st Century

June 26, 2014 - 11:00AM ET/8:00AM PT/15:00 GMT

Today’s Industrial systems are highly complex networks of embedded systems consisting of many sensors, drives, controllers, and intelligent I/O devices. Due to the heightened complexity, it has become challenging to create simple, intuitive operator interfaces. Traditional operator interfaces, or Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) have simple 2D graphics which while functional, can make it difficult to display a large amount of information on a small panel.

This Webinar will cover everything you need to design a modern HMI into your system quickly and cost effectively. Topics covered will include:
  • High-performance graphics IP for HMI acceleration
  • Software ecosystems for embedded industrial HMIs
  • HMI software libraries
  • Jon Alexander, Marketing Manager, Industrial and Energy, Xilinx
  • Gordan Galic, Technical Marketing Manager, Xylon


Xylon Announces New Xilinx Vivado® compatible HMI reference designs

Available from June 26, 2014 - Get Xylon free reference designs and evaluate 2D and 3D logicBRICKS graphics IP cores on the Xilinx ZC702 evaluation kit and the ZedBoard™ kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing. The new release will include Industrial HMI Demo (see photo) which is designed by Qt industrial widgets library.

1. logiREF-ZGPU ref. design for the ZC702 kit
2. logiREF-ZGPU-ZED ref. design for the ZedBoard kit

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