Xylon at Automotive Testing Expo 2017

> 20. - 22. June 2017 – Stuttgart (Germany)

Xylon's first appearance at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2017 has been a total success! This show, which is the leading event dedicated to the quality, safety, reliability and durability of vehicles throughout Europe, is still the launch pad in Europe for new technologies within the area of automotive test, evaluation and quality engineering. In short, a perfect stage for the demonstration of Xylon's new logiRECORDER Automotive Video Data Logger that sets the new standard for ADAS/AD design and validation, and literally brings car's multi-camera video system to developer's desk!

Advanced Driver Assistance and Autonomous Driving (ADAS/AD) systems build a continuous image of the outer world by real-time computing of data from many heterogeneous sensors, such as video cameras, radars, lidars, and the GPS. Placed on different positions within the car, the sensors send sensory data towards the fusion processors through networks like CAN and FlexRay, or in case of high-resolution video cameras, through the dedicated data links like the TI FPD-Link III.

Testing and validation of so complex and distributed ADAS/AD usually requires lots of real-world tests in different driving situations and under many road conditions. Not only is this time consuming, it's also costly and unreliable thanks to the limited number of executed test scenarios.

Inserted between a real car's camera system and ECUs to enable non-invasive video and network data recordings, the logiRECORDER records uncompressed video from up to 12 cameras and data from four CANs, 12 LINs, two FlexRays, GPS and UART networks and interfaces. Recorded videos can then be played back in real-time HIL simulations of the actual car camera system in laboratory conditions to significantly improve testing and validation.

The logiRECORDER logger is based on Xilinx All Programmable FPGA and SoC that provide the right level of performance and enable Xylon to customize it for exact customer's needs.


Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2017

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