Xylon now shipping upgraded logiCAN IP Core

Xylon Now Shipping Upgraded logiCAN CAN2.0B Bus Controller IP Core

logicBRICKSTM CAN bus controller IP core is now available through Xylon's cost-effective Low-Volume IP Program (LVIP) licensing program

ZAGREB, Croatia, July 13, 2012 – Xylon d.o.o., a leading provider of advanced FPGA application solutions and IP cores, has upgraded the logiCAN CAN2.0B Compatible Network Controller with new features. The logiCAN IP core now has ARM® AXI4-Lite bus interface which allows easy implementation on the latest Xilinx FPGA families, including the 7 series Artix®-7, Kintex®-7 and Virtex®-7 devices. It can be also used in Xilinx Zynq™-7000 EPP devices integrating two hardened CAN peripherals when specific application requires more CAN bus controllers.

The logiCAN core supports ISO11898-1 and CAN2.0B specified protocol functions. It provides all features expected from the standard CAN controller including: acceptance filtering (masking) with 4 programmable filters for the Standard and Extended CAN frames, fault confinement, bus arbitration handling, retransmissions, clock synchronizations, etc. Up to 31 TX and up to 63 RX buffers ensure full back to back frame reception with low CPU overhead, even at the highest baud rates. The logiCAN is re-verified against the Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch) C reference model and re-tested on Xylon logiCRAFT-CC FPGA Companion Chip board based on the Xilinx Spartan®-6 FPGA: http://www.logicbricks.com/Products/logiCRAFT-CC.aspx.

Xylon offers the logiCAN IP core through the company’s Low-Volume IP Program (LVIP) which has been primarily created for IP core users that are designing Xilinx FPGA based products for production volumes in the range of 1-10,000 system units. The IP cost/unit ratio in such low production volumes can be too high to justify investments into third-party IP cores, and Xylon LVIP program significantly lowers that ratio. logiCAN license fees start at €2,150 (about $2,700) and include a number of Bosch CAN node licenses for commercial use. CAN patents are held by Bosch, and CAN based products require a license from Bosch.

For a datasheet and general information about the logiCAN CAN2.0B Compatible Network Controller IP core please visit: http://www.logicbricks.com/Products/logiCAN.aspx.

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