Connect FPGA to Automotive MOST Networks

Xylon Releases the logiMLB IP Core Based on Licensed SMSC's MediaLB Technology

The new IP core from Xylon's logicBRICKSTM IP library enables an easy interfacing of next generation Xilinx® FPGA based automotive infotainment and driver assistance systems with the most popular automotive infotainment backbone

ZAGREB, Croatia, March 13, 2012 – Xylon d.o.o., a leading provider of advanced FPGA application solutions and IP cores, releases the logiMLB Media Local Bus Interface IP core based on the Media Local Bus (MediaLB®) technology licensed from SMSC®. The logiMLB IP core implements the MediaLB inter-chip communication interface in Xilinx® FPGAs and enables an efficient transport of multimedia data through SMSC’s Intelligent Network Interface Controllers (INICs) onto a Media Oriented System Transport (MOST®) network.

MOST technology is a de facto industry standard for automotive multimedia networking of high-bandwidth audio, video and control information or network data. Its capability to run high speed data over a single optical fiber or twisted pair wire, which efficiently eliminates the need for complex wiring distributed around the vehicle, established MOST as preferred networking choice of many automakers.

The logiMLB Media Local Bus Interface IP Core complies with the latest MLB Specification version 4.2, and works with all MOST network generations – MOST25/MOST50/MOST150. It supports a 3-pin single-ended MediaLB connection with up to 1024xFs, and a 6-pin differential connection with up to 4096xFs. The logiMLB provides internal buffering and support for up to 63 TX and RX channels and supports all MOST network data types, including the new isochronous data type introduced by the MOST150, which enables integration of Internet-based services with the multi-media systems within the car. Currently supported Xilinx device family is the Spartan®-6, including Xilinx Automotive (XA) Spartan-6, with support for other Xilinx FPGA device families planned for the next year.

Automotive systems based on FPGA technology provide an unmatched flexibility and connectivity, and high computing performances due to inherent parallel processing. These features are of key importance for emerging driver assistance systems which use multiple high-resolution camera sensors. The logiMLB can assure a seamless connection of video sensor data to the FPGA, high-speed processing and transfer to the main vehicle’s multimedia network. Multiple logiMLB instances within a single Xilinx FPGA chip can support various network topologies (ring, daisy-chain and star), easy interfacing with standard embedded processors or bridging between different networks.

The logiMLB IP core’s deliverables includes encrypted VHDL source files prepared for Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS) and the EDK and IP core’s device drivers for interfacing with the MOST NetServices® Application Programming Interface (API). Xylon offers flexible licensing options to fit customers' specific needs.

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