Video Surveillance Multi Head 360° Camera

> 3. August 2012 – Video Surveillance Multi Head 360° Camera

Xylon provides a quick overview of company's latest development in the area of video surveillance - demo multi-head camera with no blind spots that shows 360° view (Panoramic View) of the surroundings. The demo setup uses 3x 1MP (Mega Pixel) imagers with wide angle lenses and Xylon logiCRAFT-CC development board based on Xilinx Spartan®-6 FPGA to fully process captured video streams in real time. Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores remove lens distortions (fish-eye), make perspective corrections and seamless stitching of three video streams with no dividing “borders”, and finally display the resulting panoramic 2D video image.

Xylon Video Surveillance Multi Head 360 Degree Camera
Xylon demo at Xilinx TSC, June 2012
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The key IP core for this type of embedded video applications is the logiVIEW Perspective Transformation and Lens Correction Image Processor IP core.

Surveillance system design teams can use demonstrated Xylon products as the infrastructure of an application, concentrate on differentiation and spend precious development time on advanced video processing algorithms that use video outputs from Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores.

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