Demo Platform - Video Multi Head 360° Camera

The hardware platform includes the Xylon logiCRAFT-CC development board with add-on boards supporting LVDS camera connections, three HD camera imagers and fish-eye (extreme FOV) lenses.

The Xylon logiCRAFT-CC board includes expansion connectors to enable rapid prototyping and customizations for specific applications. Add-on LVDS deserializer daughter card boards enable 4 camera connections.
Xylon Video Surveillance Multi Head 360 Degree Camera
Xylon logiCRAFT-CC Video Processing Demo Hardware System

Used OmniVision OV10635 camera sensors combine 720p/30fps high-definition (HD) video with color high dynamic range (HDR) functionality. The camera sensors are connected to the LVDS serializer boards that enable cable connection with the logiCRAFT-CC board. The OmniVision cameras are furnished with miniature fish-eye lenses from Largan.

This demo HW platform is assembled from Xylon's standard product logiVIEW-SVK Four-Camera Surround View DA System Development Platform and Toolset, which is a part of the 4-Cam. Surround View Parking Assistance solution. The Multi Head 360° Camera demo uses different FPGA design, different logicBRICKS IP cores' setups, and different calibration parameters and procedures.

For more information about the Multi Head Video Camera demo platform and its availability, please contact Xylon.

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