logiCRAFT Daughter Cards

> 23. December 2010 Zagreb (Croatia)

Xylon today announced availability of new daughter cards for the logiCRAFT-CC Companion Chip Platform and the logiCRAFT6 Multimedia Evaluation/Development Platform.

The logiCC-FMB FM Radio & Bluetooth daughter card expands capabilities of feature-rich logiCRAFT6 and logiCRAFT-CC platforms, and provides support for FPGA based applications which require FM radio, weather channel and RDS reception, or need wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Click HERE for the logiCC-FMB datasheet!

The logiCC-VI Analog & HDMI & DVI Video Input daughter card expands video input capabilities of feature-rich logiCRAFT6 and logiCRAFT-CC platforms. It enables connection of one Analog RGB, HDMI or DVI video input to FPGA chip on Xylon's development platforms through 5-pairs LVDS (4 data pairs + 1 clock pair) interface. The LVDS interface saves the FPGA pin count and makes the prototyping easier.

Click HERE for the logiCC-VI datasheet!

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