Hardware Platforms - logiCC-FMB

FM Radio and Bluetooth Daughter Card

Key Features

  • FM Radio & Bluetooth Daughter Card
  • Enables digital FM radio and RDS reception
  • 65 - 108 MHz FM radio band
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • S/PDIF and I2S audio support
  • Linux driver for digital FM radio
  • Compatible with logiCRAFT-CC and logiCRAFT6


The logiCC-FMB FM Radio & Bluetooth daughter card expands capabilities of feature-rich logiCRAFT6 and logiCRAFT-CC platforms, and provides support for FPGA based applications which require FM radio, weather channel and RDS reception, or need wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth interface supports UART, PCM and I2S audio channel.
Audio information from the demodulated radio channel is available as the I2S digital audio stream. The card also supports separate analog stereo line outputs, and the separated RDS output. Two additional S/PDIF channels can be encoded into I2S and analog audio outputs.

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