logiWIN - What image operations are supported in logiWIN
What image operations are supported in logiWIN?

Image operations supported in logiWIN are:

1. Scaling - scaling down up to 2 times lossless, or 4 times in cascade mode; maximum scaling factor is 16

              - scaling up depends on ratio between video input clock and memory clock; maximum scaling factor is 64

2. Cropping - logiWIN supports two types of cropping

a) image is cropped on left horizontal and upper vertical side; cropping is performed on the input video stream, before scaling

b) image is cropped on right horizontal and lower vertical side; cropping is performed on the output video stream, after scaling

3. Positioning - moving upper-left coordinates of the image; the point from which the image is displayed on the screen

4. Color enhancement - brightness, contrast, saturation and hue; available only for ITU and YUV inputs

5. Masking - compressed stencil stored in BRAM is used as an image of a certain shape that masks the image from output buffer to a non-rectangular frame

6. De-interlacing - bob and weave de-interlacing algorithms are applicable for ITU input streams

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