logiVIEW - How many input video streams can logiVIEW process
How many input video streams can logiVIEW process?

logiVIEW doesn't have a streaming video input, rather it reads data from memory. Data quantity logiVIEW can process depends only on system parameters (like memory bandwidth, system frequency, etc.) in combination with resolutions of images that are used. logiVIEW was successfuly tested in a system using four cameras (four input streams to memory, sized 1280x800 @ 30FPS) for generating a combined output image of 800x600 pixels @ 60FPS. This was achieved on a system based on a Spartan 6 FPGA clocked at 100MHz.

Additional Comments
For saving video streams to memory one can use logiBAYER or logiWIN IP cores from logicBRICKS family.

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