Removing the IP Core from the design

After removing the IP core from the EDK design (by using the option => delete instance and all of its connections) the error message about the constraints related to the removed core is displayed:

'ERROR:ConstraintSystem:58 - Constraint <TIMESPEC TS_verticies_to_FFS = FROM

   FFS(*logi3D*u_render_list/v*_regs*) TO FFS 20 ns;>

   [hp069ac_2d3d_fmc.ucf(107)]: FFS '*logi3D*u_render_list/v*_regs*' does not

   match any design objects.'


The option 'delete instance and all of its connections' removes the instance of the specified core and all of the connections associated with the core (modifies the *.mhs file). However, the *.ucf file is not edited by the 'delete instance and all of its connections' option, so all the ucf constraints regarding the core should be removed manualy.
Additional Comments

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