Vivado reports that it cannot find the license, or the license for the IP core does not exist
Vivado cannot find the license for the IP core, although the license is 'correctly' installed. The design flow containing the IP core in question in ISE's XPS and Project Navigator tools completes without any licensing issues.

If the full path to the license file is too long, the Vivado tool will not be able to find the license file, even though License Manager reports that the license exists and is properly installed.

Try one of the following:

  • move the license file to \.Xilinx or
  • shorten the license file name.

Check also:

If the IP has been added to the Vivado project prior to the correct license installation, Vivado may keep reporting that the IP is not licensed even after the license file has been properly installed with the path that is short enough.

In this case it is recommended to close the project and close the Vivado tool. Verify no Vivado processes are running in the background (use utilities such as Task Manager on Windows or System Monitor on Ubuntu Unity desktop to stop any background Vivado processes). Once verified, reopen Vivado tool and project. Now the tool should recognize the license.

Additional Comments
ISE's PlanAhead tool exhibits the same behaviour with IP core licenses as Vivado. Solution for PlanAhead is the same as described above for Vivado.

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