Version Limit Status reports expired license in Vivado 2014.2 License Manager for logicBRICKS IP cores
Vivado 2014.2 License Manager reports version number 1.0 in 'Version Limit' column as expired license for logicBRICKS IP (highlighted with red color), although the implementation flow completes without licensing errors for the IP.

A license file from Xylon does not contain a version limit information for logicBRICKS IP.  Value '1.0' does not represent a license version limit in this case.

The Version Limit corresponds to a year and a month (for example, 2014.04 corresponds to April 2014) and to the end of the customer's warranty period. The Vivado 2014.2 licensing manager assumes that 1.0 is the license version limit and compares it with the real date. In this situation 1.0 (corresponds to Zero month of the year 1) and highlights that in red as it sees this as elapsed time. This is just a visual reporting issue that can be ignored as this is not the actual version limit.

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