Opening existing SDK project(s) in Xilinx SDK tool

Steps for opening SDK software projects in SDK tool are described herein

- Step 1
1. Check path of your project. Xylon suggestion for Project Folder path is not too deep in directory structure. Xilinx tools cannot find files deeper than 260 characters away from the main project folder.
2. Open your SDK tool and wait for the Workspace Launcher window to open.
3. When the Workspace Launcher window opens, click on Browse button to search for SDK workspace path that will be copied to Workspace: space.
4. In Browser window select path to software\SDK_workspace.
5. When you have selected the correct path, click OK and the path will be shown in Workspace: space.
6. Click OK in Workspace Launcher window to confirm and proceed to Step 2
- Step 2
7. Wait until SDK is launched. You shoud see a welcoming screen with a note: Welcome to Xilinx Software Development Kit.
8. Close the Welcome screen by clicking on the X mark on the Welcome tab. An SDK work environment should appear.
9. Go to Project and in the drop-down menu uncheck Build Automatically.
10. In the lower section of the SDK work environment, in the middle window you can select Console tab. This is optional. It shows reports and statuses of your actions.
11. Go to Xilinx Tools and select Repositories option from the drop-down menu. Preferences window will pop-up.
12. Click on the New... button on the right to the Local Repositories space. Browse For Folder window will pop-up.
13. In this window you need to choose repositories containing all the the third-party drivers and libraries you need for building your software application projects, including logicBRICKS. Browse to and select hardware folder.
14. Click on Rescan Repositories button, then click on Apply button and then click OK button to proceed to Step 3.
- Step 3
15. Go to File and select Import option from the drop-down menu. Import window will pop-up.
16. Go to General and select Existing Projects into Workspace, and then click Next button.
17. Select root directory should be selected with radio button. Click Browse button and select SDK_workspace folder of the SDK project and click OK.
18. In the Projects: space select (check) all available folders. Click Finish.
19. Wait for refreshing workspace action to complete (see bottom left corner of the SDK work enviroment for statuses).
20. In Project Explorer right-click on bsp (board support package) and select Build Project from the drop-down menu, the bsp should build successfully.
21. When it is done, right-click on software application project and select Build Project from the drop-down menu. The software application project should build successfully.
22. Repeat (20) and (21) for all software projects withing the workspace.

Additional Comments
It is assumed that the SDK project folder contains SDK workspace with appropriate hardware platform.

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