Xylon reveals new lossless MJPEG Encoder and Decoder IP Cores

Xylon has just revealed two new IP products for lossless and on-the-fly MJPEG video compression and decompression. New logiJPGE-LS and logiJPGD-LS IP cores from the logicBRICKS by Xylon IP library are very compact, ISO/IEC 10918-1 JPEG Annex H-compliant and optimized for AMD-Xilinx programmable devices. 

Due to the fact that IPs do not need software programming and have really small footprints, they are especially suited for different automotive designs.

Xylon is already using the logiJPGE-LS and the logiJPGD-LS in video I/O modules for the logiRECORDER Automotive HIL Video Logger to significantly increase the storage capacity. Videos are encoded (compressed) with no visible artifacts, and can be decompressed during playback in direct HIL injection or virtual drive simulations.

Find more about the logiJPGE-LS and logiJPGD-LS IP Cores on their product pages, where you can also download their respective datasheets:

logiJPGE-LS Lossless MJPEG Encoder

logiJPGD-LS Lossless MJPEG Decoder


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