Xylon Solutions for the Surround View DA

Four-Camera Surround View (SV) parking assistance is an emerging automotive Driver Assistance (DA) application which enables the driver to see 360-degrees around the vehicle on the LCD instrument cluster or the Central Information Display. The surroundings can be seen from different perspectives, including the top-down bird’s eye view perspective and different 3D visualized views. Such views eliminate all blind spots during critical and precise maneuvers in different traffic situations.

2nd Generation Xylon's 3D Surround View Driver Assistance Demo
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Xylon is offering automotive designers IP cores, software support and the complete hardware development platform for Xilinx FPGA based Surround View DA systems. Our Surround View DA is one of the market's best solutions and fully exploits all the benefits of FPGA technology: computing performances, flexibility, scalability, reconfigurability, low system costs and risks.

The flexibility of FPGA silicon products allow us to continuously upgrade our Surround View DA solution and adapt it to the requirements of new application, for example, a changed number, types and resolutions of camera imagers, sensor fusion, specific camera interfaces, etc. Such flexibility is beyond the reach of all competing silicon products which are only software programmable.

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