logiREF-VROT-FMC Real-Time Low Latency Video Rotation Demo (Maintenance Expired)

logiREF-VROT-FMC is a free and downloadable logicBRICKS reference design that showcases a real-time video rotation for an arbitrary angle, which can be dynamically changed in sub-degree steps. The video rotation works with a video output latency that can be as low as one frame time. Designed by standard off-the-shelf evaluation logicBRICKS IP cores, the demo SoC also demonstrates video frame grabbing, frame rate conversion, and display overlay with graphics touchscreen HMI controls.

Xylon's low latency video rotation demo runs on the ZedBoard™ Development Kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing with the FMC-HMI Human-Machine Interface Board from Digilent®.
Get the precompiled demo and run it on your desktop, or contact Xylon and request the full evaluation SoC design.

Design specifications (Defined by HW Setup - CLICK to learn about possible improvements):
  • Input video: 1024x1024 @22fps
  • Output video: 800x480 @60fps
  • Video output latency: slightly longer than 1 frame (varies due to the frame rate conversion)
  • Rotation angle: 0-360° in 0.1° steps
  • Used video throughput: ~ 24 Mpix/sec (< 50% of available throughput in this HW setup)
  • Memory bandwidth utilization: ~ 15% of the available bandwidth
  • Very low CPU utilization - used for calculation of homography transformation matrices only!
Targeted applications
  • Medical endoscopes
  • Pipe inspection tools
  • Advanced defense systems
  • Different types of borescopes...
Get the precompiled SD card image and run the low latency video rotation on your development kit!

Customers interested in receiving full SoC design with evaluation logicBRICKS IP cores must send request from a valid company email address. Please send your requests to info@logicbricks.com.
Xylon reserves the right to decline evaluation requests for this reference design.

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