Display Controller - Touchscreen HMI for the MicroZed Evaluation Kit (Maintenance Expired)

logiREF-DISP-MicroZed is a free and downloadable logicBRICKS reference design that showcases the MicroZed™ evaluation kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing, working as a Linux-based System-on-Module (SOM) with a graphics touchscreen HMI, which is connected to an I/O Carrier Card and the 7-inch Zed Touch Display Kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing.

The MicroZed uses Linux ilixi user interface toolkit to run several DirectFB and Qt graphics applications on the attached LCD display, and to control them by the capacitive touchscreen.

Besides the display controller IP core used in this demo design, Xylon offers 2D and 3D graphics accelerator IP cores that improve graphics performance and off-load Xilinx® Zynq™-7000 All Programmable SoC Processing System.  To learn more, please check out the logiREF-ZGPU-ZED graphics engine reference design for the ZedBoard™ Evaluation Kit from Avnet Electronics Marketing. 

Demo deliverables include the Xylon's first official release of the logiCVC-ML advanced display controller IP core that is compatible with the Xilinx Vivado® IP Integrator (IPI) design and verification environment. The logiCVC-ML IP core supports multiple graphics layers, hardware accelerated layers blending, different pixel formats and video output formats, and comes with software drivers that assure a smooth integration with the Linux operating system. To learn more about logicBRICKS software support for non-Linux operating systems - CLICK HERE!

The logiREF-DISP-MicroZed reference design includes a free, time-limited, full-featured evaluation logicBRICKS display controller IP core - logiCVC-ML Compact Multilayer Video Controller.

This design does not include hardware 2D graphic acceleration. Click to see an example video of possible 2D graphics performance improvements by the logiBITBLT IP Core!

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