Xylon at Xilinx Partner Night 2013

> 10. July 2013, San Jose(USA)

At this year's Xilinx Partner Night, an event that took a place during Xilinx® annual Technical Sales Conference, Xylon showcased several video and imaging demo systems based on Xilinx Zynq™-7000 All Programmable SoC and designed by Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores. All logicBRICKS IP cores are optimized for use with Xilinx programmable devices, easy-to-use, highly portable and very configurable. Designers of smarter vision systems can utilize the same logicBRICKS IP cores in versatile embedded applications serving different markets.

Xylon presented the latest version of the 2D/3D Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for the Zynq-7000 AP SoC running Linux, Android and Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating systems. A full overview of the GPU software drivers available from Xylon can be found at: http://www.logicbricks.com/logicBRICKS/Reference-logicBRICKS-Design/OS-IP-Core-Support.aspx. The key IP cores used in this demo are the logiCVC-ML display controller IP core that enable easy blend of multiple graphics and video layers, the logiBITBLT 2D graphics accelerator that off-loads CPUs and improves graphics performance, and the logi3D scalable 3D graphics accelerator providing full OpenGL ES 1.1 compatibility.

Along with the graphics demo systems, Xylon also presented several video processing systems: Panoramic View surveillance camera providing 360deg view of the surroundings with no blind spots, Sensor fusion demo combining different imagining sensors, and the low-latency and an arbitrary angle video rotation demo. The key IP cores used for implementation of these advanced embedded vision systems are the logiVIEW video processor that enables arbitrary homographic and non-homographic transformations on multiple video inputs/outputs and the logiWIN frame grabber IP core.

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