IP Cores - logiWIN

Versatile Video Input

Key Features

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  • Supports AMD Zynq 7000 AP SoC and FPGAs
  • Available Linux V4L2 and bare-metal SW drivers
  • Maximum input and output resolutions 2048x2048
  • Supports different input interface standards:
  • - ITU656 and ITU1120 (PAL and NTSC)
    - RGB

    - YUV 4:2:2
  • Built-in YCrCb to RGB, YUV to RGB and RGB to YCrCb converters
  • Real-time scale-up to 64x and scale-down to 16x; lossless scaling down to 2x or 4x in cascade scaling mode
  • Supports video de-interlacing, cropping, positioning, pixel alpha blending...
  • Embedded image color enhancements: brightness, contrast, hue, saturation
  • Configurable bus interface: AMBA® AXI4 or Xylon XMB
  • Available for AMD Vivado IP Integrator and ISE® Platform Studio
  • Available Video4Linux (V4L2) software driver


The logiWIN IP core accepts a streaming video input, decodes it and converts into the RGB format. The input video can be real-time scaled, de-interlaced, cropped and positioned on the video display. Captured and processed video must be displayed by a graphics controller IP, i.e. the Xylon logiCVC-ML Compact Multilayer Video Controller LCD display controller IP core. The logiWIN integrates anti-aliasing algorithm that guarantees high picture quality without visible artifacts. The core is fully embedded into AMD Vivado™ and ISE Design Suites and its usage does not require skills beyond general AMD tools knowledge. Parametrizable VHDL design allows tuning of slice consumption and features set through an easy-to-use GUI interface. Instantiations of multiple logiWIN IPs enable processing of multiple video inputs within a single AMD FPGA device.
NameLicensePrice (EUR)  
logiWIN 1 year license 2,220.00
logiWIN 2 years license 4,000.00
logiWIN 3 years license 5,330.00
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