logiSDHC - How can I use and configure filesystem in my logiSDHC application
How can I use and configure filesystem in my logiSDHC application?

User application can access files and folders stored on SD card by using FAT FS library which is part of logiSDHC deliverables.

Currently supported file system library version by Xylon is FAT file system module R0.09 (C)ChaN, 2011

FAT file system module R0.09 is generic library which does not implement HW access functionality in its original form. So, Xylon has added this functionality for controlling logiSDHC IP core to access file and folder data on SD card. Files implementing HW access are diskio.c and diskio.h Accessing and controlling logiSDHC IP core from diskio files is available only through logiSDHC driver interface functions.


How to use FAT FS with logiSDHC IP core device from Xilinx SDK application:

1. Download logiSDHC deliverables from Xylon which include FS R0.09

2. Configure FAT FS library by enabling or disabling library functionality in ffconf.h file or leave full library functionality which is already enabled

3. Compile FAT FS library (two ways):

a. with logiSDHC driver source files (take caution on include paths for logiSDHC driver from diskio.c file)

b. with library linking to logiSDHC driver library already built

4. Access SD card data from user application through FAT FS module application interface functions declared in ff.h file


Working example is in logiSDHC driver examples folder: logiSDHC_fatfs_example.c

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