Colors changed when moved from Xilinx TRD 14.2 to 14.3, using ZGPU reference design

If you are using  ZGPU reference design and you moved from Xilinx TRD 14.2 (where everything worked fine) to TRD 14.3, you may noticed console colors change ( green background with reddish text ).


If you have used Xylon ZGPU design, that means you have used our drivers which we give with our design.

One of our driver is adv7511 which initialize ADV7511 chip so it takes YUV data from logiCVC, process it and sends RGB data to the monitor.


Now when you moved to Linux kernel from TRD 14.3 , there is no more adv7511 driver and ADV7511 chip is incorrectly initialized from Xilinx FSBL. So ADV7511 cannot process YUV data correctly and it sends wrong picture to monitor.


Solution to this problem will be to initialize ADV7511 with following parameters taken from Xylon adv7511 driver:


static const struct adv7511_config_data adv7511_rgb_config[] = {

{0x41, 0x10},

{0xD6, 0xC0},

{0x15, 0x01},

{0x16, 0x38},

{0x18, 0xAB},

{0x19, 0x37},

{0x1A, 0x08},

{0x1B, 0x00},

{0x1C, 0x00},

{0x1D, 0x00},

{0x1E, 0x1A},

{0x1F, 0x86},

{0x20, 0x1A},

{0x21, 0x49},

{0x22, 0x08},

{0x23, 0x00},

{0x24, 0x1D},

{0x25, 0x3F},

{0x26, 0x04},

{0x27, 0x22},

{0x28, 0x00},

{0x29, 0x00},

{0x2A, 0x08},

{0x2B, 0x00},

{0x2C, 0x0E},

{0x2D, 0x2D},

{0x2E, 0x19},

{0x2F, 0x14},

{0x48, 0x08},

{0x55, 0x00},

{0x56, 0x28},

{0x98, 0x03},

{0x9A, 0x70},

{0x9C, 0x30},

{0x9D, 0x61},

{0xA2, 0xA4},

{0xA3, 0xA4},

{0xAF, 0x04},

{0xE0, 0xD0},

{0xF9, 0x00}



The easiest way to do this is to change it in Xilinx FSBL which is located in Xilinx TRD packet, compile it in Release mode and make a new boot.bin with new FSBL.

Path to the initialization data in official Xilinx TRD zip file:

zynq_base_trd_14_3.zip\zynq_base_trd_14_3\sw\zynq_fsbl\src\i2c_utils.c => ZC702_I2C_CONFIG zc702_hdmi_config[ZC702_HDMI_CONFIG_LEN]

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