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Xylon is an AMD Adaptive Computing Partner Program participant. Before the AMD acquisition of Xilinx, Xylon has been a Xilinx Alliance partner since 2000. The Partner Program is a cooperative effort between AMD and leading third-party developers. It is designed to produce a broad selection of industry standard solutions dedicated for use in AMD programmable logic. AMD is a world leader in programmable logic devices.

OKI IDS, an OKI Group company, is a design and development company developing, selling and servicing firmware, hardware for video, audio and communication applications, high speed data transfer applications, and industrial, consumer and medical device and equipment. OKI IDS is Xylon's preferred partner for us of the Xylon logicBRICKS based ADAS technologies in Japan. READ MORE!

EVS Embdedded Vision Systems is an engineering company founded in 2005 designing computer vision systems on embedded architectures for applications in industrial automation, security, automotive and marine.
The staff is composed by a highly skilled team of engineers whose expertise regards image and video analysis, software and FGPA design. EVS cooperates in partnership with several research and industrial groups.

Visage Technologies AB is making computer vision software for face tracking and analysis. The primary product is a multi-platform software development kit visage|SDK. Visage Technologies AB has licensed more than 100 clients in 30 countries, ranging from small start-ups to large multinationals, as well as academic and research institutions.

Northwest Logic, founded in 1995 and located in Beaverton, Oregon, provides high-performance, silicon-proven, easy-to-use IP cores including high-performance Expresso Solution (PCI Express 3.0, 2.1 and 1.1 cores and drivers), Memory Interface Solution (DDR4, DDR3, DDR2, LPDDR3, LPDDR2, Mobile DDR SDRAM; RLDRAM 3, RLDRAM II), and MIPI Solution (CSI-2, DSI).

Xylon is Design & Reuse partner. Design & Reuse (D&R) was founded in October 1997 as a web portal for added-value information in the field of electronic virtual components, i.e. IP (Intellectual Property) and SoC (System-On-Chip), with an early success. It is the world's largest IP cores web catalogue.

Xylon is a member of ASAM, the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring systems. ASAM defines and maintains MDF, FIBEX and other standards for tool chains heavily used in automotive development and testing. .


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AMD ACP Premier Partner
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