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AMD ACP Premier Partner
Xylon is a Premier Member of the AMD Adaptive Computing Partner Program, and delivers the highest level of market and domain specific expertise and pre-qualified solutions through the AMD (formerly Xilinx) Targeted Design Platforms. As a Premier Member, Xylon has gone through a stringent certification process to ensure that our products and services are optimized to streamline customer product development cycles while minimizing risk.

AMD, through the acquisition of Xilinx, has become one of the world's leading provider of programmable platforms, with more than 50 percent market share in the programmable logic device (PLD) segment of the semiconductor industry (Source: iSuppli Corp.).

AMD has a worldwide ecosystem of qualified companies through the AMD Adaptive Computing Partner Program to help mutual customers develop their products faster and with confidence on Targeted Design Platforms. Alliance Member companies include FPGA IP providers, EDA vendors, embedded software providers, system integrators, and hardware suppliers.

For more information on AMD's Programmable Platform business, please go to or contact your local AMD representative.


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AMD ACP Premier Partner
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