FPGA technology has been well accepted in the defense market. The world's leader in the PLD segment of the semiconductor industry Xilinx®, Inc., offers several FPGA families which are developed and manufactured to fit the requirements for high-reliability in the defense market.

Developers of Xilinx based products for the defense market are usually very skilled engineers with expert knowledge of Xilinx tools and FPGA design flow. Still, even the best experts may have issues with third-party IP cores that could speed up their developments and provide additional benefits.

Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores are fully supported by Xilinx Platform Studio and the Embedded Development Kit (EDK) integrated design suite which enables users to accelerate their learning curve and work in a familiar design environment.
The logicBRICKS users can start designing with Xylon IP cores immediately and do not have to rely on help from Xylon engineers.

Of course, Xylon provides first-class technical support  which helps IP users better understand the features of the IP  cores and to additionally accelerate the design process.

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