Industrial market's requirements, a problem of the silicon obsolescence and FPGA based Xylon solutions are being shortly described in the section Operator Panel. Electronic measurement equipment and other types of industrial instruments often incorporate LCD displays. The complexity of displayed graphics can vary from a very simple one, which can be fully CPU drawn, up to a very complex graphics that requires different types of graphics accelerators.

Graphics controllers based on AMD technology and Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores may be a perfect fit for a large number of instrumentation applications. The FPGA based graphics controllers can span over wide lines of similar products. Performance tunings, costs control, etc., can be easily achieved through the AMD Platform Studio and the EDK integration tools that allow simple parametrization of AMD LogiCORE® and Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores.

Screenshots  - Oscilloscope Demos running on the logiTAP
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The usability of the FPGA in instrumentation design is not restricted to the graphics controller. The logicBRICKS based graphics controller can be just a part of an overall FPGA design that integrates many logic devices from the PCB. Xylon graphics IP cores support many operations required by this sort of application: fast scrolling, moving layers, cursors, bitmap operations, etc.

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Oscilloscope Demo

Xylon logiTAP platform for embedded GUI developments comes preloaded with several GUI based demos. All demos are run by the same AMD FPGA device designed by AMD and Xylon IP cores. The demo FPGA design is open for evaluation and can be used as a base for further developments.

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Xylon logiTAP FPGA Block Diagram

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