Lane Departure Warning

Screenshot from logiPD-LDW Lane Departure Warning Demo
The Lane Departure Warning Screenshot from the logiPD-LDW Development Kit
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Xylon offers IP cores and software for FPGA based implementations of Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDW), which are typically electronic automotive systems that identify and track the markings corresponding to the lane boundaries, locate the vehicle position with respect to them and issue a warning when the vehicle crosses the lane bounds.

Typically the LDWS systems are forward looking and use a camera(s) mounted in front of a vehicle. Xylon IP cores support implementations of the Rear Looking Lane Departure Warning systems that offer many advantages: work with a camera mounted at the back end of the vehicle, simpler, robust and fast to compute lane model. The back end mounted cameras are typically used for Rear-View Camera application, Surround View, etc., which means that the Rear Looking LDWS can be added in the FPGA based automotive system with no additional costs in regard to vision sensors.

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logiPD-LDW Development Kit for Pedestrian Detection and Rear Looking Lane Departure Warning
The Rear Looking Lane Departure Warning can be demonstrated by the logiPD-LDW Development Platform for Pedestrian Detection and Lane Departure Warning.

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