Pedestrian Detection

Screenshot from logiPD-LDW Pedestrian Detection Demo
The Pedestrian Detection Screenshot from the logiPD-LDW Development Kit
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Xylon offers IP cores and software for FPGA based implementations of a vision-based and real-time pedestrian/human detection from camera video images. Pedestrian detection application fields range from video surveillance, driving assistance systems, robot navigation, assistive technology for the visually impaired, content-based indexing to advanced human-machine interfaces.

Pedestrian detection is typically a hard task for a number of reasons: the object of interest appear in highly cluttered backgrounds and has a wide range of appearances, due to body size and pose, clothing and outdoor lighting conditions. In addition, a pedestrian detector could have to work with videos captured from a moving camera where the background is not static. Finally, real-time performances are usually a must.

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logiPD-LDW Development Kit for Pedestrian Detection and Rear Looking Lane Departure Warning
The Pedestrian Detection can be demonstrated by the logiPD-LDW Development Platform for Pedestrian Detection and Lane Departure Warning.

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