Patient Monitor

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The patient monitor is an electronic medical device that measures patient's vital signs and displays the data on the LCD display.

Acquired medical data is being processed by the monitor, which may be capable to warn on particular abnormalities and alarm medical stuff.

The patient monitor has been selected for illustration of usability and versatility of Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores in medical equipment design. The monitor is an example of typical medical electronic device requiring high quality and cost-sensitive graphics display.
Since this kind of equipment may have AMD FPGA for data processing, networking and similar; an addition of controlled graphics can be achieved practically at negligible time and cost.

Design Challenges

Designers of medical equipment often use FPGAs to solve design challenges unsupportable by off-the-shelf ASICs and ASSPs. Development of medical equipment sometimes poses specific design challenges that can be met by FPGAs in a satisfying and timely way. The ASSPs and the ASICs require long time for development and huge NRE costs. Production volumes in this market sector usually are not very high. It creates problems in purchasing process or results with an overloaded stock list.

Shortly, the FPGAs can be the only silicon choice for equipment that must meet marketing demands and assure product's differentiation from competitive products.

Xylon logiTAP Running Patient Montitor Demo

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FPGA designers of the medical equipment frequently look for third-party IP cores to satisfy a missing design functionality, accelerate design process and shorten time-to-market window. Even the well-funded FPGA design teams may drop the idea of purchasing the third-party IP core, which perfectly suits their needs, due to a high-cost of the IP license and/or too demanding IP usage model.

Xylon's logicBRICKS IP cores, offered through the Low-Volume IP Program, may be right solutions for these design teams.

Patient Monitor Demo

Xylon logiTAP platform for embedded GUI developments comes preloaded with several GUI based demos. All demos are run by the same AMD FPGA device designed by AMD and Xylon IP cores. The demo FPGA design is open for evaluation and can be used as a base for further developments.

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Xylon logiTAP FPGA Block Diagram

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