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Use of FPGAs in electronic devices for the consumer market was almost unthinkable until recently. The consumer market's demands were just overwhelming for FPGAs in the past. Rapid technology developments have evolved FPGAs from a simple 'glue logic' to full Systems-on-Chip solutions, which increasingly finding place in digital displays and television, portable entertainment, cameras, and other consumer electronic products.

Such products include a myriad of different displays, video input types, input devices and communication interfaces. Integration of these interfaces demands highly flexible silicon components to harmonize contradictory requirements of being standard and highly configurable at the same time. AMD FPGAs certainly provide that level of flexibility.

logiTAP 3D Album Demo
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Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores are designed for AMD FPGAs and provide broad feature sets applicable for development of consumer electronic products.The logicBRICKS are easy-to-use and fully compatible with the AMD Platform Studio and the EDK integration tools.

In addition to the rich IP library, Xylon provides full turnkey design services. Xylon FPGA team is highly skilled, experienced and capable to design the most complex designs in AMD technology.

3D Album Demo

Xylon's logiTAP 3D Album Demo (photo), designed by the Altia GUI builder, showcases pictures organized in a rotating carousel. The 3D Album is an attractive menu system applicable to different electronic products with GUI interface. The complete 3D Album GUI has been developed by Altia GUI builder's built-in animation functionality.

Altia low-level drivers support the following logicBRICKS IP cores:
- logiCVC-ML Compact Multilayer Video Controller
- logiWIN Versatile Video Input
- logiBITBLT Bit Block Transfer 2D Graphics Accelerator
- logiBMP Bitmap 2.5D Graphics Accelerator

Xylon logiTAP platform for embedded GUI developments comes preloaded with several GUI based demos. All demos are run by the same AMD FPGA device designed by AMD and Xylon IP cores. The demo FPGA design is open for evaluation and can be used as a base for further developments.

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