Four-Camera Surround View Driver Assistance Systems

Four-Camera Surround View (SV) parking assistance is an emerging  automotive Driver Assistance  (DA) System which greatly improves a driver's safety and comfort. The Surround View DA provides an unmatched awareness of the situation by enabling the driver to see 360-degrees around the vehicle on the LCD instrument cluster or the Central Information Display (CID). The surroundings can be seen from different perspectives, including the top-down bird's eye view perspective, which eliminates all blind spots during critical and precise maneuvers in crowded spaces. In this way the system prevents driver from colliding with objects scattered around the vehicle or which are outside of the driver's field of vision. The second generation of the Surround View systems is capable of 3D visualizations of a vehicle's surrounding.

Xylon's 2nd Generation Surround View Driver Assistance Demo

The multi-camera based Surround View DA may combine other helpful views of the vehicle’s surroundings to provide additional information and help in different traffic conditions. For example, drivers can switch on the rear camera view to check the vehicle’s back end from the driver’s perspective, or use dynamically drawn path lines showing the vehicle’s calculated trajectory during parking. The trailer-hitch view may be a great help in hooking the trailer up, while the cross-path view allows driver to quickly notice distant vehicles or pedestrians who are out of driver’s field of vision.

Xylon offers complete FPGA based solution for second generation Surround View Systems!

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