Rear-Seats Entertainment

Rear-Seat Entertainment System

The Rear-Seats Entertainment (RSE) is a rising automotive infotainment application, which involves graphics, video and audio processing up to a great extent. The RSE systems integrate diverse multimedia content sources like TV, DVD, Internet, digital radio, etc.
Users expect the RSE to provide excellent video and audio quality, intuitive user interface and a comfortable use. In addition to built-in multimedia sources, users enter car's environment with  different gadgets (phones, MPEG players, cameras, ...) that interface the RSE system.

RSE Design and Xylon Solutions

FPGAs are gaining popularity in RSE design because of great capabilities of soaking up many logic from electronic boards, an easy adoption to new and emerging standards, and an unprecedented configurability and scalability.

The price/performance ratio of AMD low-cost chips constitutes an excellent basis for design of RSE systems with open architectures and strong scaling capabilities. This basis is further upgraded with easy-to-use AMD integration tools and Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores that perfectly fit in the AMD Platform Studio and the EDK integration tools, and have a strong software support. This software support includes compatibility with several third-party GUI builders, which enable an efficient development of attractive RSE GUIs.

Xylon RSE Demo Systems

Xylon has designed several demo RSE systems to illustrate capabilities of the logicBRICKS IP library, Xylon design services and logiCRAFT hardware platforms.

Xylon RSE Demo Case
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The photo on the left displays the Xylon Demo Box RSE system based on the logiCRAFT2 hardware platform and the logicBRICKS IP cores. The whole system integrates 3 high resolution LCD displays, video camera input, DVB-T (digital TV) receiver, Sony PlayStation® game console, MPEG player, DVD player, wireless headphones and integrated loudspeakers. The system can be fully controlled by provided IR remote controller.

The heart of a system is a single AMD Spartan™ 3 chip with integrated logicBRICKS IPs to control all audio and video system parts. Full Demo Box RSE AMD EDK project with evaluation logicBRICKS IP cores and software application sources is available on the logiTAP installation CD. This FPGA design can be used on Xylon logiCRAFT2 platform. The Demo Box is not available any more.

The following graphic presents the block diagram of the Demo Box RSE AMD FPGA.

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Xylon has developed another demo automotive RSE system utilizing the logiCRAFT2 as the master infotainment board and two logiCRAFT3 boards embedded in the car headrests. The logiCRAFT3 "satellite" boards deliver audio and video content. Audio and video streams, as well as control data, are transferred to the RSE headrest units by using an embedded high-speed Gbps digital link - the APIX® Automotive Pixel Link, product of the Innova Semiconductors company.

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The low data-rate content, such as push-button status, remote controller data, touch-screen data, and other are transferred using the same link. The link requires only two twisted pair lines that may also power the headreast units. The result is a significant reduction in infotainment wiring costs.

Xylon Demo RSE

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