LV IP Purchasing & Licensing

Xylon Low-Volume IP Program - Purchasing & Licensing

This IP program utilizes a very simple and quick online purchasing and licensing procedures. These procedures have been developed to minimize logicBRICKS IP buyers' efforts and costs, and to enable the fastest possible access to our IP cores.

Xylon has entered into a contract with one of the leading e-commerce providers share-it! Share-it! provides fast and reliable online service, which is very secure and offers flexible payment options.

If your prefer to pay by wire transfer directly to Xylon, please click the GET QUOTE icon in our web shop and agree all payment details with our sales agent.

The table gives an overview of the purchasing & licensing through this Xylon IP Program.

Step No.
Purchasing and Licensing
# 1
> Visit Xylon web-shop and add the wanted IP cores into the Shopping Cart.
> Click on BUY icon links to the e-commerce share*it web page
> IP cores can be paid by Credit Cards, wire transfers, PayPal, etc
# 2
> Upon the payment, Xylon sends a confirmation e-mail with instructions for
IP download and licensing
> The IPs can be downloaded from Xylon's web site
# 3
> Provide the PC MAC or SUN hostid in the registered users' Xylon web
> The purchased IPs' licenses are bonded to a single workstation
# 4
> Xylon sends an e-mail with license installation instructions
# 5
> Upon the successful license installation the IP cores are ready for useĀ 

For more details about Purchasing & Licensing, please check application note:
"Low-Volume IP Program: Purchasing and Licensing".

For more details about the Xylon's Low-Volume IP Program, please check the application note: "Xylon Low-Volume IP Program".
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