Re-Configurable AIC Clips

Re-Configurable Automotive Instrument Clusters (RAIC) do not include electromechanical gauges and display multiple levels of information via fully graphically rendered driver's interface.
This Xylon's demo consists of: Xilinx VSK board, Xylon's add-on camera interface board, high-resolution LCD display and the plexi casing.

Besides graphically rendered screens, controlled by the Xilinx® MicroBlaze™ and Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores, the demo shows streaming video from Micron's camera with "fish-eye" lens. Xylon logiLENS Camera Lens Distortion Corrector IP corrects the input video in real time.

Demonstrated demo can display corrected and distorted streaming video at the same time, and properly scaled.

Re-Configurable Automotive Instrument Cluster exploit advantageous LCD capabilities to show abundant information during a drive. Traditional clusters with electromechanical gauges or hybrid clusters with small resolution displays can not provide such a driving experience.

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