MPSoC Video Design Framework

The logiADAK-VDF-ZU Video Design Framework is the complete and pre-verified camera-to-display SoC design framework for use with the Xylon logiVID-ZU Vision Development Kit for AD/ADAS, machine vision, guided robotics and other embedded vision applications. It significantly saves the design time and allows users to focus on specific vision-based parts of their next vision SoC development.

The framework includes pre-verified logicBRICKS reference designs for video capture from Maxim Integrated GMSL2 or TI FPD-Link III video interface compatible Xylon cameras and the display output with the RGB overlay.

Demos work under the Linux operating system running on the AMD Zynq™ UltraScale+ MPSoC.

Xylon logiVID-ZU Vision Development Kit

The reference designs are available in the AMD Vivado™ Design Suite 2021.1 and are prepared for the AMD Vitis™ Unified Software Platform.

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