Re-Configurable Cluster

Re-Configurable Automotive Instrument Clusters do not include electromechanical gauges and display multiple levels of information via fully graphically rendered driver's interface.

In a partnership with Xilinx®, Inc., Xylon has developed Re-Configurable Automotive Instrument Cluster demo to clearly demonstrate the flexibility, performance and usability of Xilinx FPGAs with the right IP cores. Xylon logicBRICKS IP cores can be easily integrated into Xilinx FPGAs and combined with Xilinx or third-party IP cores. High configurability enables AIC developers an unmatchable freedom in design of AIC companion chips.

Xylon Reconfigurable Instrument Cluster Demo

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An Example Hybrid AIC with Xilinx FPGA and Xylon logicBRICKS

The Xylon Re-Configurable Cluster does not use analogue gauges and all information is rendered graphically on a wide 1280x390 TFT display.The FPGA GC (Graphics Controller) is designed with off-the-shelf IP cores from three companies: Xylon, Xilinx and Apical.
All described transformations happen in the FPGA and in the real time.

The demo especially emphasizes Xylon IP cores for digital capturing and processing of "Fish-Eye" rear-view camera video - the logiLENS Camera Lens Distortion Corrector and the logiBAYER Color Camera Sensor Bayer Decoder. Xilinx FPGA LVDS IO pin pairs accept the LVDS camera video and external LVDS receivers are not needed.
Warped FishEye Camera Video
Dewarped FishEye Camera Video
Screenshots  - FishEye Video Input: original and the processed video
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Captured video might have limited dynamic range and FPGA high-quality contrast optimization allows images to look natural. Video from single-chip digital cameras with 8-bit Bayer pattern sensors can be transformed into 24-bit full-color video. De-mosaiced and colorized video is warped due to the "Fish-Eye" lens on the video camera. Real-time FPGA de-warping enables a natural display for the driver.

Xylon Demo Design - Re-Configurable Instrument Cluster

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